We don’t just tell your story—we look after it.

The longevity of your property is important to us. That’s why maintenance—the process of ensuring that buildings and assets retain a good appearance and continue to operate at optimum efficiency—is one of the services that HAGGERTY is proud to offer. Poor or no maintenance of a property can result in reduced performance or cause potential threats to the safety of occupants. No matter if it’s commercial or residential, we want to make sure it never comes to that.

How Haggerty Helps

Buildings don’t deteriorate on a schedule. Each property is different and requires differing levels of attention. Although maintenance can seem like a chore, high quality design and workmanship can drastically minimize the level that’s required. No matter what, HAGGERTY will help you save money and maximize your return on investment by providing quality facility services to keep your business looking and operating at its finest!


  •  Building Maintenance and Repairs
  •  Site Maintenance Services (Landscaping, Irrigation, and more)
  •  Porter Services (Exterior Pressure Washing, Parking Lot Sweeping, and more)
  •  Interior/Exterior Repairs and Tenant Improvements
  • Property Assessments & Customized Annual Service Plans, and Budgets
  • HVAC, Lighting, Environments Services, Repair, and Retrofits
  • Living Walls, Ecosystems, Green Opportunities, and Innovation like you’ve never seen before!

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